About the Show

    • Theme from Tetris (“Korobeiniki”) - Traditional
    • Pinball Wizard from Tommy by Pete Townshend
    • Theme from Legend of Zelda by Koji Kondo
    • Themes from Super Mario Bros. by Koji Kondo

This is a show your students and band community will absolutely love. Classic video game themes and sound effects are everywhere in this medium/easy show, transporting us back in time to the sights and sounds of the arcade. Sure to provide a great vehicle for character driven visual moments and geometric drill design; there are also numerous options for props interaction.

A deeply evocative preshow soundscape coupled will cool rolling arcade game props sets the scene of the retro arcade. The front ensemble enters with the theme from tetris which gets our geometric drill started. Finally, as all the puzzle pieces fit together the full ensemble moment will slap your audience in the face with sound. After a sound effect bumps us up to the next level of the game the show theme Pinball Wizard is performed to carry us to the end of this production.

Next, we transition to The Legend of Zelda, in which our main character appears with an ocarina solo and must conquer a level before the main theme is presented; sound effects are incorporated for retro game realism!
As the Zelda production comes to an end the mallets startup with our pacman percussion feature. Winds are tacit here in order to form large scale drill effects on the field. Will pac man survive or be taken by a ghost? A driving Hip-Hop themed battery feature brings us to a vertical rock out moment that is fun for the whole family.

Next up is a short ballad movement which sets the scene for Mario and the Princess to be united and rejoice in a beautiful maestoso moment, then the happy-go-lucky super mario bros main theme plays as the couple skips along only to bring them to an unfortunate series of events. They warp down a pipe to discover evil creatures all around, then they transition to the underwater waltz theme and finally, Mario makes it to the flag to end the level culminating in the finale of the show!

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